Show your collection thanks to Peller's accessories very easy and convenient, but because of manufacturing quality is also very beautiful. At the moment, under the Peller's brand available following models of showcases and wall frames.

  • Object frames VISIO 3D with silicone membrane
  • Transparent acrylic easels for collectibles
  • Display frames VISIO universal, made of natural wood, for MODULAR trays
Object frames VISIO 3D
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  • Available in three sizes:
    • Medium: 4.33" X 4.33" (11cm x 11cm), window size: 3.70" X 3.70" (94mm x 94mm)
    • Large 9.05" X 3.54" (23cm x 9cm), window size: 8.15" X 2.60" (207mm x 66mm)
    • X-Large: 7.09" X 7.09" (18cm x 18cm), window size: 6.10" X 6.10" (155mm x 155mm)
  • Colour of the frame: black or white
  • Large and X-Large models ncludes additional pair of support stands to improve stability
  • Allows object to be viewed from both sides. Possible to put inside any object regardless of it's shape
  • Excellent way to display coins, gem stones, medals, medallions, tokens, badges, buttons, awards, jewellery, fossils and other collectibles. Will be also excellent way to save memories: put in crafts of your child, foot or hand prints in gypsum

Unique solution using transparent silicone membrane allows us to show almost any exhibited object from two sides.
Membranes envelop the object, regardless of its form, and it seems as if the object is suspended in the air between the sides of frame. It does not matter, a stone, a pen, coins, medals, stamps, note, or a knife or a model - VISIO 3D allows to show any object from all sides.
In addition apart of using VISIO 3D for the exposure of collections, such frames are also used for display in shops and boutiques, such as for jewelery or watches.

Acrylic easels for medals, coins
stand mix objects
  • Available in two sizes:
    • Medium: 1.38" (35mm) x 1.65" (42mm) x 1.26" (32mm)
    • Large: 2.17" (55mm) x 2.44" (62mm) x 1.73" (44mm)
  • Available in packs of 5, 10 and 20
  • Made in Europe
Display frames VISIO for MODULAR trays
visio wood
  • Universal display frame for MODULAR BASE trays A or B model
  • Possible to hang horizontally or vertically
  • Natural wood
  • Display designed and made in Europe
visio wood2