We offer a big choice of coin and medal trays with various forms of cells, their quantity and depth. The trays are designed to hold coins, coins in square capsules (QUADRUM) and classic coin capsules (round), slabs and holders. As well as for medals and awards from various countries / sizes / forms, beer caps and casino chips.

All trays includes transparent plastic sliding covers.

We offer following trays for collectibles:

  • Trays for different size of coins
  • Trays for different size of coin capsles and QUADRUM capsules
  • Trays for coins in holders
  • Trays for coins in slabs; certified square capsules US PCGS
  • Trays for medals
  • Trays for order / insignia
  • Trays for jewelry
  • Trays for beer caps
pallets for medals
Peller's tray for medals

In addition, there are specially designed trays for coins in the series such russian roubles, EURO, US Dollars etc.

80099 c
Peller's Tray for series
80085 3
Peller's Tray for holders