The Peller's brand was created by United Manufaktura in 1999 through the purchase of a factory with over 25 years history of production and sales accessories for collectors. Our main task always was to put on a ratio of the price and quality of products which we sell. After all we know that we not only should bring pleasure to the end user, but also preserve history. For these reasons, all our goods are made with the assistance of the person and no machine can guarantee faultlessness and quality of each piece of the goods sold by us. As the proof of our words: growth of sales and our price-list which you can receive already today from our export department. We wait for you in circles of our distributors and we guarantee that you never will be disappointed in the choice made by you, as well as quality our products.

Collections can cost a penny, or millions, but for the real collector it is priceless. So let's make products that are worthy of every collection, for everyone.

CEO Peller's

We are professional

We are proffesional

For the production of our products, we use high-precision equipment and advanced materials. Each capsule, album or a tray will strictly comply with its parameters. Our employees have over 25 years of experience.

We are flexible

We are flexible

In the world there is a huge amount of collection material already released and the choice is growing further. We monitor all emissions and trends, so that we are constantly expanding our product range. Our goal is every collection must find their accessories.

We are responsible

Our quality control

We understand the responsibility of producing goods that will be responsible for the collection looks like and how will the stored for a long time. Therefore, all our products are made of certified raw material and only on the territory of the EU.