Ladies and Gentelmens,

Let me introduce new size: XL!

Yes, finally we did it. Now we have really big collection album Model XL which is available in 5 versions:


It is now much easier to show your collection. 3D Visio Soft Frame will show all kinds of objects with 3D-effect.

3D Visio Soft Frame for models, bubbles, decorations, whistles, lighters, coins, stamps, pens, watches, knives, a photo, the Lego, jewelry, gems and minerals, thimbles, medals, and more.

3D Visio Frame will help you to show your collectibles in an unprecedented way.

Whether it's minerals, fossils, coins, watches, jewelry, pens - frame 3D Visio Frame perfect view presentation. Even bulky items such as figurines or cups can be easily placed in the frame.

Objects are inserted between two transparent silicone membrane. Frames can be easily moved, allowing objects to consider both the front and back side. Frames are available in black and white.