We offer a wide range of albums for different types of collections. Albums are divided into dimensions and purpose:

  • Albums for coins
  • Albums for coins in capsules
  • Albums for coin holders
  • Albums for postcards
  • Albums for banknotes
  • Albums for beer caps

Also albums divided by the number and size of the pockets in the page.

pellers album M
Peller's Album with slipcase for coins
Pocket Album for coins Pellers
Peller's Pocket Size Album for coins

In our offer we have following size of collector albums: XXL, XL, L, M, S and pocket or big pocket size.

All albums are made of high quality material perfectly imitating the real leather.

The albums with mounts, it is possible to insert and remove pages in any order.

Albums also can be signed and numbered, and describe the contents using appropriate transparent pockets on the inside and the outside of the cover.


In addition to each album you can buy the necessary additional pages.

Peller's Album for banknotes
Peller's Album for beer caps
album for 60 holders