We offer a wide range of albums for different types of collections. Albums are divided into dimensions and purpose:

  • Albums for coins
  • Albums for coins in capsules
  • Albums for coin holders
  • Albums for postcards
  • Albums for banknotes
  • Albums for beer caps

Also albums divided by the number and size of the pockets in the page.

pellers album M
Peller's Album with slipcase for coins

In our offer we have chests for trays and boxes. There are chest made in wood (beech) and plastic. Beech chest for coin boxes are universal and suitable for most popular boxes for collections represented on market.

Beechwood chests for trays exists in six different capacities: up to one coin or medal tray (S type), up to three (M type), up to five (XM type), up to six (L type), eight (XL type) and up to ten (XXL type). There is also a plastic chest for up to 5 coin and medal trays that perfectly imitate the leather.

Beech chests are hand made what is the standard of quality production of Peller's. Our chests for collection will not only help you to conveniently organize your collection, but also to present it perfectly.


case wood
Peller's Beechwood chest for trays

Show your collection thanks to Peller's accessories very easy and convenient, but because of manufacturing quality is also very beautiful. At the moment, under the Peller's brand available following models of showcases and wall frames.

  • Bilateral VISIO 3D frame with silicone membrane
  • VISIO PRESTIGE universal, made of natural wood, frame for trays
  • Transparent stands for collectible material and trays
Peller's VISIO 3D frame with silicone membrane

We offer a big choice of coin and medal trays with various forms of cells, their quantity and depth. The trays are designed to hold coins, coins in square capsules (QUADRUM) and classic coin capsules (round), slabs and holders. As well as for medals and awards from various countries / sizes / forms, beer caps and casino chips.

Under the brand Peller's produces more than 70 types of capsules of different sizes. Starting from the capsule diameter and 14mm to 65mm, with or without rim.

All capsules are made from high quality certified plastic that is neutral to metals and is highly resistant to mechanical damages.


Coin capsules Pellers
Peller's coin capsules