We offer a wide range of albums for different types of collections. Albums are divided by three dimensions:

Under the PELLER'S brand are available more than 30 types of albums for coins, tokens, banknotes, documents, coasters, coin holders, beer bottle caps (crown type) and champagne caps.
Albums are made of material perfectly imitating genuine leather. Each album is made in Europe and there are no harmful phthalates in the material for album's sheets.
All materials are certified.
The albums contain transparent pockets with index cards in it to describe the content.
Thanks to ringbinder fastenings, sheets can be inserted and removed in any order. Additional sheets to refill the album also available in offer.

The following album models are available for collectors:

PELLER'S Models Range
PELLER'S Models Range
Model S
PELLERS ALBUM S white bckg
  • Binder with 2-ring system. External size: 5.91" X 7.07" X 1.58" (150mm x 180mm x 40mm). Sheet size: 5" X 6.65" (127mm x 169mm)
  • Includes 10 Phthalates Free sheets with pockets depends of the type of album
  • Album has internal pocket and both sides printed index card in it
  • Album designed and made in Europe
PS2010 scheme PS1210 scheme PS610 scheme PSH610 scheme
Model M
  • Binder with 4-ring system. External size: 8.27" X 9.06" X 1.58" (210mm x 230mm x 40mm). Sheet size: 6.57" X 8.35" (167mm x 212mm)
  • Includes 10 Phthalates Free sheets with pockets depends of the type of album
  • Includes 10 black plastic dividers (interleaving sheets)
  • Available version with stylish slipcase which additionally protects collection and without slipcase
  • Album has internal pocket and both sides printed index card in it. External pocket on the spine of album allows to mark album
  • Album designed and made in Europe
PM3510 scheme PM2010 scheme PM1210 scheme PM610 scheme PM210 scheme
Model XL
AL35 1 alc210
  • Binder with 4-ring system. External size: 11.42" X 12.21" X 2.76" (290mm x 310mm x 70mm).
  • Banknotes sheet size: 9.53" X 12.05" (242mm x 306mm). Bottle caps sheet size: 9.53" X 11.18" X 0.32" (205mm x 302mm x 8mm).
  • Includes 10 Phthalates Free sheets with pockets depends of the type of album. Album for bottle caps contain 6 sheets.
  • Includes 10 white dividers (interleaving sheets). Album for bottle caps doesn't contain dividers.
  • Album has internal pocket and both sides printed index card in it. External pocket on the spine of album allows to mark album
  • Album designed and made in Europe
PLB110 PLB210 PLB310 PLB410 PL410 PLH2010 PL355

Show your collection thanks to Peller's accessories very easy and convenient, but because of manufacturing quality is also very beautiful. At the moment, under the Peller's brand available following models of showcases and wall frames.

  • Object frames VISIO 3D with silicone membrane
  • Transparent acrylic easels for collectibles
  • Display frames VISIO universal, made of natural wood, for MODULAR trays
Object frames VISIO 3D
black white black 2
  • Available in three sizes:
    • Medium: 4.33" X 4.33" (11cm x 11cm), window size: 3.70" X 3.70" (94mm x 94mm)
    • Large 9.05" X 3.54" (23cm x 9cm), window size: 8.15" X 2.60" (207mm x 66mm)
    • X-Large: 7.09" X 7.09" (18cm x 18cm), window size: 6.10" X 6.10" (155mm x 155mm)
  • Colour of the frame: black or white
  • Large and X-Large models ncludes additional pair of support stands to improve stability
  • Allows object to be viewed from both sides. Possible to put inside any object regardless of it's shape
  • Excellent way to display coins, gem stones, medals, medallions, tokens, badges, buttons, awards, jewellery, fossils and other collectibles. Will be also excellent way to save memories: put in crafts of your child, foot or hand prints in gypsum

Unique solution using transparent silicone membrane allows us to show almost any exhibited object from two sides.
Membranes envelop the object, regardless of its form, and it seems as if the object is suspended in the air between the sides of frame. It does not matter, a stone, a pen, coins, medals, stamps, note, or a knife or a model - VISIO 3D allows to show any object from all sides.
In addition apart of using VISIO 3D for the exposure of collections, such frames are also used for display in shops and boutiques, such as for jewelery or watches.

Acrylic easels for medals, coins
stand mix objects
  • Available in two sizes:
    • Medium: 1.38" (35mm) x 1.65" (42mm) x 1.26" (32mm)
    • Large: 2.17" (55mm) x 2.44" (62mm) x 1.73" (44mm)
  • Available in packs of 5, 10 and 20
  • Made in Europe
Display frames VISIO for MODULAR trays
visio wood
  • Universal display frame for MODULAR BASE trays A or B model
  • Possible to hang horizontally or vertically
  • Natural wood
  • Display designed and made in Europe
visio wood2

We offer a big choice of coin and medal trays called MODULAR Insert with various forms of cells and their quantity.
The trays are designed to hold coins, coins in square capsules (QUADRUM) and classic coin capsules (round), slabs and holders. As well as for medals and awards from various countries, sizes, forms, beer caps and casino chips.
All trays includes transparent plastic covers.

mix MODULAR600x400

We offer following trays for collectibles:

  • Trays for different size of coins
  • Trays for different size of coin capsules and QUADRUM capsules
  • Trays for coins in cardboard holders
  • Trays for coins in slabs: selfslabed & certified capsules US PCGS
  • Trays for medals
  • Trays for insignia, pins
  • Trays for jewelry
  • Trays for beer caps
  • In addition, there are specially designed trays for coins in the series such as 10 bimetalic russian rubles, EURO series by country, US Dollars etc.

MODULAR system allows to collect trays perfectly matched to collection. MODULAR Insert Trays might be easily placed in two available MODULAR Bases in any order.
There is two MODULAR Bases A or B, with vertical or horizontal dividing. Modular Bases might be stored in our wooden boxes or placed in display frames.

cSochi 2012 Coin Box
Sochi 2012 Coin Box

In our offer we have also boxes for trays from system MODULAR.
Chests are made in beechwood.
Beechwood chests for trays MODULAR exists in three different capacities: for One MODULAR BASE A or B, for Three of any MODULAR BASES: A or B, for Six of any MODULAR BASES: A or B.
There is also available chest mini for 5 MODULAR INSERTS.

Beech chests are hand made what is the standard of quality production of Peller's. Our chests for collection will not only help you to conveniently organize your collection, but also will help to present it perfectly.

Additionaly in our offer you can find chests for special editions: previously in our offer was Coin Boxes dedicated to Olympic Games in London 2012, Olympic Games Sochi 2014 etc.
Our company offer production on demand for dedicated series, please contact us for further details.


case wood
PELLER'S Coin Box Black