Now it’s much easier to show your collection without any gaps.

The MODULAR tray system is designed in such a way that now there is no need to purchase a large tray or collection box and think about how to place coins, medals or other collectibles so that everything fits together and there is no unnecessary empty space.

The system is simple and convenient to use and consists from two main elements: MODULAR Base and MODULAR Insert. Small MODULAR Insert trays are placed in the MODULAR Base as it is convenient for you, vertically or horizontally and in any combination. Thus, now you by yourself can make up such a tray as you need. For example, 2 coins in slabs NGC, 8 coins from a series of Euro coins, 12 pieces of 2€ coins or 50 Pence Olympic and 2 medals.

Wall frames, wooden boxes for MODULAR Base and Insert are available for the MODULAR system.

No more gaps!