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Coin capsules

We offer a capsule with or without a rim. They differ in that the capsules without rim has a 0.3 mm difference in the internal size, and has a practical seizure for the finger. Due to the 0.3 mm tolerance in capsules without a rim, the diameter of the coin, for example, 31mm will suite without a problem, but will suite hard in a capsule 31mm with rim as they correspond exactly to the diameter of 31mm

Album and binder size

Albums are divided not only by how big pockets on the sheets, but also on cover size. Covers: XXL type (275mm X 322mm) , XL type (225mm X 277mm), L type (215mm X 245mm), M type (210mm X 230mm), S type (145mm X 185mm) and pocket sizes regular and big. You can choose any type of binder, quantity and type of pages and interleaves whatever you need instead of buy ready completed albums with quantity of pages what you don't really need.

Cases capacity

Among the products of the Peller's company there are 3 types of chests for the collection. 1) beech chests for coin & medal trays 2) ecoskin chest for coin & medal trays 3) beech chest for coin boxes with hard cover. The beech chests for trays are available in 6 sizes: XXL, XL, L, XM, M and S. XXL and can suite up to 10 trays, XL up to 8 trays, L up to 6 trays, XM up to 5 trays, M up to 3 trays and S for 1 tray. The beech chest for coin boxes holds up to 5 Peller's, Leuchtturm or other manufacturer coin boxes with size up to 306 x 238 x 22 mm. 

A variety of goods and universalization helps you find everything you need to create a complete collection, for effective conservation and presentation.


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